Development of custom immersive applications taking into account your needs, your habits and your budget to create the best experience.

FOKS lab accompanies you on all the stages of your project : needs analysis, complete development of the solution / functionnalities addition to an existing solution, documentation, delivery and on-site or remote install , training, maintenance


To improve existing solutions or to imagine and create innovative solutions.

This service can take many forms : from the simple writing of a report to the complete development of the solution identified in this report.


Courses can be adapted to various knowledge levels, customizing the presentation fitting your needs & skills.


Below are some of the possible trainings:

  • Introduction to the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality fields.
  • Realtime 3D rendering application development
  • Immersive application development introducing stereoscopy, tracking and locomotion.
  • Shaders implementation to improve/optimize the rendering


If you need an application and some VR/AR demonstrations for a specific event/exhibition we can develop and install an application on site fiting your needs.

We take in charge the installation, the training, the technical support and we uninstall the demonstrations.