Cardboard application development (Android & iOS) for GRUAU

As part of the Solutrans exhibition, FOKS lab was involved to create an immersive experience which presents new electric vehicles designed by GRUAU.

FOKS lab developped an application for GRUAU with Jean-Charles Druais (photographer & videographer) to promote the new electrical converted vehicles designed by GRUAU. This application was done to be presented during the Solutrans exhibition. It enables to play 360° videos with points of interest (PoI) to go from one video to an other just looking to the PoI. These PoI can be set up to create a simple and efficient scenario giving more interactivity to the user, giving him the chance to create its own experience.

Partenaire & client

The application was imagined by Jean-Charles Druais for GRUAU and developed by FOKS lab.

Jean-Charles DRUAIS