Pimax 12K QLED

Pimax has given a conference last October and guess what, the product they presented seems really amazing (expensive but amazing, « you can’t have one without the other » as Sinatra would have sung). To be true, I am not a big fan of the wide FoV lenses in headsets … but what promises Pimax made me think that they adapt their products pretty well to the needs.

The next headset should be wide FoV (as usual with Pimax) but with better lenses and with some pretty clever add-ons :

  • Eyetracker from Tobii (which should be expoloited to do foveat rendering in order to have enough power to feed the 12K screens resolution),
  • Full body tracking with camera,
  • Interchangeable faceplates : Inside-out tracking (SLAM) thanks to 4 embedded cameras / lighthouse tracking sensors / see-through cameras for AR apps
  • Modular connection : direct through câble or Wifi (thanks to a dongle plugged on the headset)
  • Qualcomm XR2 chipset integration to make the headset autonomous if needed (using a battery plugged on the back of the head)

On the paper it seems to be « magical » but needs to be tested. Some more specifications can be found in their conference video on Youtube (refresh rate of the screens from 75Hz to 200Hz and more …).

Such a headset is not for everyone regarding its price : 2 400$ for the cheapest version (mostly for professional purposes so) and it is forecasted for Q4 2022.

You can look at all the conference : click here

Or look at the specific Pimax 12K QLED presentation below (from Pimax Youtube channel)

« You can’t have one without the other » from the song Love And Mariage / Franck Sinatra


SIRET : 833 467 970 00012

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