FOKS lab wishes you an happy new year !

I wish you can MARVE on everything you can live this year. Enjoy your moments, « Anchor your souvenirs laughing » as my nephew told me ;). I wish you all the best for 2023.

About AR & VR : new devices, new softwares, new use cases are coming this year in the fields of Augmented and Virtual Realities. It should be a rich year !

Moreover Artificial Intelligence (IA) is moving the lines : it will be easier to generate animations, to create models, images, textures, even to generate some portions of codes. In a way I find that pretty smart but considering me as an artisan, I need to work with my hands (with my brain too) to be fulfilled about the product I make … Let’s try to take the better of both worlds.

(Funny word MARVE, you can read it as an acronym … M.A.R.V.E = Mixed & Augmented Reality and Virtual Environment for instance 🙂 ) .