Oculus Quest update [12]

What’s new in Oculus Quest firmware update ? For those who did not try already the hand tracking capabilities of Oculus Quest, update your firmware (12, available for download since 2019/12/09), reboot your Quest (I did need to reboot after updating it) and go inside the Settings/Experiments section to activate hand tracking. And … it feels good ! Hands are disappearing when too close from each other to avoid tracking issues and pointer is added to do some remote interactions (replacing the laser from the controllers). Latency is perceptible but not so high. I did only try this new interaction modality inside the Oculus menu but I will try to find time to implement it on my training demo. Using only « pinch » gesture is not a good way to interact from my point of view, but I am sure it will be improved in next firmware releases & in future applications/games.

Oculus Link is available since release 11 of the firmware (I did not post anything about it before). I tried quickly before Xmas but did not have the Oculus app updated on my computer. I am waiting to have the official Oculus Link USB cable to try that in the best conditions. I had some quite good feedbacks about Oculus Link, I am in a hurry to try.
Be careful : all the video cards are not compatible, check yours : click here. If you need more information about it, you can read Oculus Blog post or look at the Oculus support.