HP Reverb available (soon)

You can now order HP Reverb HMD … in United States for 649$. I hope it will be available in Europe soon.

HP Reverb is a WMR HMD I tried during Laval Virtual exhibit on Immersion stall (HP staff was on the stall to present the prototype). I was really impressed by the quality of display (2160×2160 per eye, good lenses and no SDE any more) and the comfort of the system. I am keen on the immersion & design (it includes headphones and bluetooth, nothing to add), not so keen on the controllers’ design (since they are the same as the first Microsoft WMR controllers) but they make the job. HP demonstration application enabled me to read blueprints & texts easily on high resolution textures.

NB: Acer announced a similar HMD (ConceptD OJO) with same resolution per eye.

EDIT : HP Reverb appeared on the french HP store but is not available yet (out of stock on another french HP store page, price : 688.80€ tax included when I write this).


SIRET : 833 467 970 00012

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