Oculus Quest update

During summer holidays Oculus updated the Oculus Quest and I was happily surprised to see new options in the Oculus Quest parameters, and that without using my smartphone !

Some of the new parameters are:

  • the advanced settings for the guardian. Now, we can adjust the way it appears choosing the sensibility for head and hands detection individually. The sensibility can be set on distance and speed to adjust the guardian display better regarding your available space. I think this is mostly for people like me who are testing their applications in a limited space – in front of my desk – and who need nonetheless the roomscale guardian to check everything is working the way it should.
  • the possibility to delete all the guardians from the Quest internal memory (to clean it up so)
  • the Bluetooth experimental option which should enable us to connect more peripherals, but it needs to be tested since it has been initially given to connect controllers and joypads



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