Oculus Quest update [9]

New update is available for Oculus Quest. Just let your Quest switched on with internet access to get it installed (version 9 of the firmware, you can check your version going to Settings>More Settings>About).

What does it improve ?

  • Video passthrough mode (while creating the guardian) is really better! It seems to fix the issue I pointed out in my first post about Oculus Quest. It is more comfortable and seems to be at scale 1 now.
  • A Oculus Go/GearVR section is now available in the store. You can get some of the GearVR / Oculus Go applications for free on your Quest if you have already purchased them on GearVR/Go. I could get « Keep talking and nobody explodes » this way (as I bought it on my GearVR before).
  • A new message appeared in the « unknown sources » section of the library, giving some warnings about side loaded applications.

I did not notice anything else for the moment, I will update this post if I find something new about this new version.


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